Sessions with gifted healer Omri Sitton, DC, assist me to remain fresh, vibrant, and awakened as I travel the globe.”

~ Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D.
Internationally recognized speaker, author, and leader in bridging science and spirit.

Dr. Omri has helped change my body and my life. Two months of his chiropractic care has permanently released the shoulder and neck pain I’ve been carrying around and treating for the past nine years.”

~ Virginia R.

“I have a more optimistic attitude that physical change is possible even at my age of 78. I also feel that I have a more flexible and comfortable body.”

~ Lois R.

“Through Dr. Omri’s care, I have become more aware of mental and emotional triggers that cause tension in my neck. I’ve also learned to react differently to the same life challenges that used to cause me so much stress.”

~ Kirsten S.

“My over the counter and prescription drug use has decreased by 80-90% and I have
fewer migraines than I’ve had in a long while.

~ Ruth V.

“Since receiving chiropractic care my ongoing, cyclical pre-menstrual symptoms started diminishing. Now I have no PMS, what a thing to do without! Also, in general, I am much more hopeful about the bigger picture of my life.

~ Kirstin F.

“Dr. Omri has helped me experience a notable increase in mental clarity and functioning, a deepened yoga practice and greater overall flexibility.” ~ Aileen F.

“Omri’s passion and dedication to transformation along with his precision as a practitioner will boost your well-being and take you to new levels of health you may have only imagined!”

~ Ian Chambers, D.C.
Network Chiropractic Care and Wise World Seminars Staff practitioner

“My long history of headaches, chest pains, and allergies have all subsided to nearly nonexistent and I no longer take any meds for my problems.~ Jess M.

My ability to handle stress has greatly improved. I also have more range of motion in my neck and I’m able to walk upright instead of bent over.” ~ Carole B.

“I always feel refreshed, rejuvenated, and ready to tackle all that life has to offer after a session at Well Being Center. Dr. Omri is both a great healer and an all-around awesome human BEing.~ Greg G.

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