ChiroSomatics is not a technique. It is a way of understanding the body and mind that puts the power to heal in your own hands.

What Is ChiroSomatics?

ChiroSomatics is a principle-centric approach to wellness that reshapes the outdated concept of treating symptoms and, instead, focuses on healing as a holistic practice. One that understands the source of balance, vitality and life as your entire being, and that true healing extends far beyond addressing the part of you that’s hurting right now.

I locate the stations of the body where years of stress, physical strain, diet, negative emotions, chemical intake, and mental fatigue have accumulated.

This tension can be stored in the muscles, bones, nerves and organs and can manifest itself as pain in different parts of body – pain that can’t be released without healing at the source.

Chirosomatics Entrainment – Gentle Body Work

You can’t snap or pop your way to feeling good. A ChiroSomatic entrainment releases tension from the spine through light touch and gentle movement. It guides the nervous system, bones, muscles and joints into a rhythmic groove that ignites the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Think of it this way. Applying force is an aggressive response to pain. In turn, you can expect an equally aggressive response from the body. A ChiroSomatics entrainment is a quiet, calming and thoughtful way to engage your body, connect with it, accept what it gives, and free it to heal.

Principles of ChiroSomatics

Holism – Treating the entirety of your being rather than just your symptoms.

Vitalism – Understanding that life is an energy which cannot be explained solely in terms of physical and chemical phenomena.

Conservatism – Healing the source requires less intervention than treating symptoms. Less is often more.

Naturalism – Trusting in the body’s ability to restore and reorganize itself.

Humanism – Curating your own health and realizing it is a gift to honor.

It’s Also About You

At its core, ChiroSomatics is an empowering care model. It puts the ability to heal in your hands by reminding the body that it doesn’t always need medicine or someone else to fix it.

My goal is to do more than alleviate your immediate symptoms. I’m here to help you take charge of your lifelong wellness, and that means accepting responsibilities for the lifestyle choices and self-care decisions you make.

I guide you. I teach your body. But you are the one who chooses the path to your fullest potential.

​​”If a living system is suffering from ill health, the remedy is to connect it with more of itself”

~ Francisco Varela

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