Why Not Just Get a Life Coach?

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A coach is someone who helps you develop the specific behavioral competencies that you’ll need to perform at a particular level.

Virtually all professional athletes got to the level they’re at with the help of a coach, and over the past couple of decades “coaching” has moved well beyond the realm of athletics and into the culture of business and life itself.

I’ve had my share of coaches throughout the years, starting with T-ball at 7 years old. I’ve had little league coaches, high school coaches, business coaches, even birthing coaches (during my wife’s pregnancies), and quite a few different life coaches.

If you have a goal and you need help with what activities you’ll need to do, and where, and when they’ll need to happen, then a coach can be a tremendous help. But, coaching only addresses specific levels of learning and change, and most coaching is a positive feedback and reward-based system for achievement. In other words, you set goals, have someone hold you accountable to them, and then get acknowledged for their completion.

This is good. Really good in fact, and I recommend getting a coach for any area where you want to increase behavioral competency.

But there are limits with coaching.

A coach can help you accomplish your goals for example, but they might not be able to see or know when the goals that you think you want are actually getting in the way of your growth and evolution as a human being.

For true transformation to happen you’ve got to fundamentally change as a person, and this doesn’t always mean achieving the goals that you originally set out to accomplish.

If your body and mind are still locked in a reactive and protective posturing based on past hurts and wounds, then your goals are going to be quite different than if you’ve resolved those anchors to a “defended self.” When there’s no longer anything for you to defend or protect, you’ll find that many of the things that you thought you wanted are no longer even relevant to your life.

It is a good idea to get a coach and start moving toward your goals, but if you really want to transform your being at the core level, make sure you get what my good friend, NLP innovator, Robert Dilts, calls an “Awakener.”

An Awakener is someone who helps you go beyond your small sense of self.

To quote Dilts, “Awakening goes beyond coaching, teaching, mentoring, and sponsorship to include the level of vision, purpose, and spirit…It involves our connection with who else and what else are in the larger system surrounding us. It is this level of experience that typically provides the greater context that gives our lives meaning and purpose.”

So how does one find an “Awakener”? Learn more about awakening tools and processes.


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