What’s So Great About Practicing a Controversial Form of Chiropractic In Santa Cruz?

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You’ve got to love Santa Cruz County.

With it’s 29 miles of coastline dotted with world famous surf spots and 14 state parks filled with majestic redwood forests and breathtaking ocean views, Santa Cruz is a region of indisputable natural beauty.  But what really sets Santa Cruz apart from virtually any other community on the planet are the people who live here.

It only takes one trip through Downtown Santa Cruz’s Pacific Garden Mall for you to know for sure — Santa Cruz is it’s own unique and bizarre universe.

Some profess that Santa Cruz is so different because it is one of a handful of “energy vortices” distributed throughout the United States (along with Boulder, CO, Asheville, NC, Sedona, AZ , Maui, HI etc.).  Others claim that Santa Cruz is special because it was built on the location of an American Indian settlement since ancient times.

Whatever’s energetically going on in Santa Cruz, one thing is for sure — it’s like some kind of cosmic people magnet.   Somehow this place attracts one of the most interesting and diverse populations that you’ll find anywhere on earth.

In Santa Cruz, Weird is a Way of Life

Sure many places are weird, but Santa Cruzans relish in their weirdness.  The town even has it’s own “Keep Santa Cruz Weird” movement that celebrates the “rich Dickensian circus on the streets of Santa Cruz.”.  Santa Cruz is a mecca for liberalism and individual expression, a beacon for freaks and geeks from all walks of life.

The weirdness of Santa Cruz consists of more than just the crazy rantings of ex-hippies, the endless array of musical offerings from street performers, the wildness of Halloween night on Pacific Avenue or the spectacle of the New Year’s Eve First Night parade.  Santa Cruz has a “coolness” and “edginess” that comes with being on the cutting-edge (or the lunatic fringe, depending on how you look at it) of what’s happening in the world.

Maybe it’s because so many of the people who live here frequently travel and bring back new energy and ideas, maybe it’s because Santa Cruz’s proximity to the Bay Area and Silicon Valley keeps it’s inhabitants in the know about all things tech, or maybe it’s because of the positive ions created by the ocean breezes — whatever it is, Santa Cruz is both a progressive and rockin’ place to be.

Santa Cruz is a Place Where Curiosity and “What If'” Thinking Rule

People in Santa Cruz seem to prefer to push the envelope, to engage in the unexplained, to explore the taboo.  They choose to view “normal” as a setting on a washing machine rather than a way of life to aspire to.  In Santa Cruz, it’s cool to be unique.

Santa Cruz is home to a hip and talented artist community (showcased in the annual Open Studios tour), an up-and-coming entrepreneurial tech community (anchored by Downtown Santa Cruz’s Nextspace co-working environment), and a flourishing alternative and holistic healthcare community (consisting of chiropractors, acupuncturists, Ayurvedic and Chinese Medicine practitioners and just about every kind of massage therapist you can imagine).   Santa Cruz is also the birthplace and proving grounds of some truly groundbreaking innovations, like the wetsuit, pioneered and developed by Jack O’neill.

The people in Santa Cruz have long been early and enthusiastic adopters when it comes to healthy food choices.  The demand for fresh, local and organic produce is high, there is a booming Santa Cruz farmer’s market culture consisting of over half a dozen outdoor markets going on weekly throughout the county, and fast food chains have historically had a hard time proliferating in this health-conscious community.

Many of the people in Santa Cruz are also quite fanatical about preserving the natural health and beauty of the environment.  You won’t have trouble finding a recycling bin, you won’t find a bunch of trash on the beaches, you’ll notice that the restaurants use biodegradable take-out containers, and you’re likely to run into at least one SmartMeter protest on your drive across town.

Yes, you’ve got to love Santa Cruz County.

It’s a pleasure to live and serve the people of Santa Cruz with the kind of ground-breaking healthcare technology that you’d expect to find in a forward-looking social hub like this.  What’s especially enjoyable, is watching attendees at my introductory workshops (most of whom are citizens of Santa Cruz, and no strangers to alternative medicine, chiropractic, and energy healing, who pride themselves on embracing the weird) stare in disbelief at the Network Spinal Analysis demonstrations I do.

Even in a place as far out as Santa Cruz, Network Spinal Analysis (a controversial form of chiropractic that I practice that uses light touch to create waves of breath and energy in the body) and Reorganizational Healing (the overall body-mind transformational approach that we offer at the Well Being Center) are still even farther out there…way out there on the fringe of the fringe.  Even the people with the “Keep Santa Cruz Weird” bumper stickers often remark, “Seriously dude, this stuff is like magic.”

Yep, it is.  When science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke wrote that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”, this was exactly the kind of thing he was talking about.

Discover more about the science behind the Technologies of Transformation offered at The Well Being Center and watch videos of people talking about the changes they’ve experienced through this work.




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