What Most Self-Empowerment and Self-Help Programs are Missing

Whether you call it positive thinking, visualizing, goal-setting, creating empowering beliefs or the “law of attraction,” the power your mind has to change your life is an extraordinary phenomenon.

Virtually all self-help and self-empowerment programs acknowledge this, and through exercises in self-reflection, and tools and coaching strategies for changing belief and behaviors, they focus on helping you create what you want in your life.

The focus is most often “mind-over-matter” — see it in your mind first, fully associate with the feeling of it, then do what it takes to make it happen in the physical world.

Millions of people have used self-help tools to improve their lives, yet virtually every one of the thousands of people I’ve worked with (no matter how many self-help and empowerment programs they’ve done) still have challenges, snags, and hiccups when it comes to creating the life they really want.

Yes, it’s part of being human, but there are ways to dramatically improve your odds for success in the areas where you’ve been struggling.

Your Body Holds the Key to Your Transformation

In my experience, one of the main reasons that people get stuck is that their physical body is still locked in “defense posturing” and reactive brain functioning — the result of stress, injuries, and unresolved patterns. Since your body is the “vessel” for all experience, to create breakthroughs in these challenging areas, your body (and the biology/brain function underlying your thinking process) must be changed FIRST…before your thinking can change.

Your thinking is limited by your physiological state, whether you’re aware of it or not. As you learn how to flip the switch and get your body out of reaction and into a more free and open state, new ideas, insights, and visions appear effortlessly.

Yes, positive thinking can get your body out of survival-mode, but sustaining that state on an ongoing basis (and keeping your thinking in the right zone) is much more challenging if you don’t have a strategy for your physical body.

That’s what most self-help programs are missing, the strategy for tapping into your physical body to create even greater empowerment.

Why You Can Do “All The Right Things” and Still Struggle

You can workout, do Yoga, eat right, and meditate, but even all of those things combined will not guarantee that your body will stay out of the survival mode that so many people spend much of their time in.

This is because “doing” the things that we typically associate with a healthy lifestyle won’t necessarily result in an increased sense of well being — unless we’re fully present with and connected to our bodies FIRST.

Once we feel connected and in sync with our bodies on the inside, the things that we do on the outside will naturally reflect that inner well being and promote further transformation.

The 3 Essential Steps to Tap Into Your Body for Transformation

1. Awareness – Become aware of the sensations and feedback in your body without any attachment or story. Observe the feelings of breath, movement and energy fully as kinesthetic/somatic sensation.

2. Acknowledgement – Give voice to the experience. If you’re feeling sad, and you’re doing affirmations about how happy you are, you’re not acknowledging the true experience in you body. Instead, hold the part of your body where you feel sad and say, “Right here I feel sad.” Don’t worry, you won’t make yourself sadder! You’re just acknowledging what is instead of trying to be somewhere else.

3. Acceptance – Fully accept the feeling in your body. If you’re angry, there’s a somatic quality (literally a vibration) that is expressing in your body’s tissues. Acceptance means fully allowing yourself to have the experience without trying to get out of it. By fully accepting that you’re angry, you instantly allow for a new emotion and behavior to show up.

To begin to make decisions about your future based less on past hurts and wounds and more on the connection to a the sense of freedom, flexibility, power, courage and authenticity inside you, you’ve got to “feel” it through your physical body (not just think it in your mind).

Learn about specific exercises to tap into your body to transform your life.


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