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We’re growing and evolving at the Well Being Center – “reorganizing” our DNA into something new and better.  In the process, the web gives us a powerful way to instantly share our latest changes, “fringe” discoveries, and developments with you.

The following are just some of the ways our newly reorganized website is going to help you get more benefit:

Discover the New Site

1. Discover, Transform and Awaken

You’ll notice that the site is divided into 3 categories: Discover, Transform and Awaken.

These categories represent the way you experience your body and its symptoms depending on your current state of consciousness and body awareness. They are a framework for understanding how to create true well being. Click on the icons and watch the videos to learn more.

2. Learning Center

We’re particularly excited about our new learning center, where you can:

  • Explore various Technologies of Transformation
  • Watch videos (We’ll be continually adding topics)
  • Discover what books to read
  • Investigate the science behind our services
  • Learn what you can do on your own to enhance your well being

The Learning Center will grow and evolve with us. We’ll continually be adding blog posts, videos, interviews and links to cutting-edge information, so keep checking back to see what’s new.

3. Community

We are especially grateful for the people who make up our community. Your desire to transform yourselves and live more authentic, empowered and purposeful lives is inspiring!

The Community section of the website will help you stay connected through special events, classes, workshops, practice member stories and more. Got something to share? Contact us and we might blog about it to the entire community.

4. Friends and Family

You’ve been telling us how hard it is to find the words to describe what happens at the Well Being Center for years.

The new website is finally a place you can send your friends and family to learn more about what you’re up to.

Plus, there’s a special Friends and Family area of the site where the people you refer receive a discount on an introductory Discovery Package (We’ll update you with details).

Our goal is to help you raise your physical, emotional and mental well being to a level that exceeds anything you’ve experienced before. This means less pain, more energy, more depth, resourcefulness, and an increased passion for life.

We hope that the new website gives you more resources and ways to get from where you are to where you want to be.

We’d love your feedback on the site! Please contact us with any questions, comments or ideas.


Team WBC


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