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Survey – Discover

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Your answers indicate that you are currently in the Season of Discover.

Discover is a period in life characterized by acute or chronic symptoms, discomfort, frustration, suffering, stress, overwhelm or depression.

During this time it can feel like nothing is working, or that the approaches you’ve tried only give short-term relief.

Your focus is likely on getting rid of your pain, reducing your tension or recovering from whatever health challenge you’re experiencing.

In the Season of Discover it is common to feel:

  • There is no way out. Your symptom or condition is not going away.
  • It is someone else’s fault.
  • Frustration or anger with your situation.

It is typical for a person in this season to look for a treatment or cure to reduce their symptoms and help them return to their “normal” life. If the initial treatment fails to work, then more drastic and invasive treatments are often sought out.

Through working with thousands of people we’ve found that the keys to reducing pain, stress and tension include:

  • Releasing physical tension in the spine and nervous system.
  • Increasing physical, mental and emotional flexibility.
  • Developing new body awareness.

Discovering the relationship between your symptoms and your life circumstances.
For true healing and progress to occur you must have a way to shift out of stress-mode, relax and develop new awareness (of what your body needs) to guide you going forward.

If you want to be pain-free but don’t want drugs or surgery, then the Well Being Center’s Discover program is a cutting-edge, holistic path to relief.

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