Are you energy rich? How Your Words Reflect & Create Your Reality


Are you all fired up? … swimming in ease and effortlessness? navigating a life of abundance? … are you really energy rich?

You’d be surprised at the truth! Many of us may answer the above question with a quick and resounding ‘yes!’ followed by a litany of lovely reasons as to why: ‘I eat organic!’ ‘I’m dedicated to moving and sweating!’ ‘I sleep deeply!’ ‘I get entrained!’ ‘I have fulfilling relationships!.’

These brilliant (I’ll support ALL of them!) methods are some of the first things we think of to help fill our cups and fuel our lives.

How do we know they’re working?

How do we know if we’re energy rich?

How your words reveal your reality…

Most of daily communication is habitual, meaning you can do the majority of it without actively engaging your higher brain centers to observe the energetics of what is happening. Although this may sound a bit alarming,  it actually provides a unique opportunity for self-reflection.

You can learn to listen to your own word choices and become a greater witness to aspects of your reality that have previously existed on a very subconscious level: is it an overflowing, energy rich place of positiveness?

Experiment and find out.

The test:

Use the next 24 hours to become an intimate observer of your world, through your vocabulary. Start simple, watch for only one word: ‘BUT’. Count how many times you use it. Count how many times those around you use it. See how often ‘but’ makes its way into your conversations.

Did you know that ‘but’ is one of the most effective negators, or contrasters, in the English language? The definition, in fact, is “used to introduce something contrasting with what has already been mentioned” or to “indicate the impossibility of anything other than what is being stated.”

It is so effective at negating whatever came before it, that listeners often do not even remember the initial part of the sentence!

An example: You’ve done a wonderful job at work, but I need you to be more punctual.

Which piece of the above sentences do you most remember? The tardiness or the great work?

Taking the ‘but’ out of it… the words you speak

Using the word ‘but’ creates and conveys an “energy neutral” state at best. It delineates a ‘this-or-that’ way of thinking and effectively limits possibility into either the first option (great work) or the second option (tardiness). Being energy RICH means existing in a world full of options, potential, and possibility far surpassing any linear lower-mental logic of ‘a or b’.


So how do you use words to support a more energy-rich reality?

Take another 24 hours, and instead of utilizing the word ‘but’ as a link between two ideas use ‘and’. It instantaneously shifts the overall feel of a conversation to one that is accepting, encompassing, and open to all sorts of possibilities.

You’ve done a wonderful job at work, and I need you to be more punctual.

Our words are our most readily accessible form of creation. We have the ability to create, out of thin air, vibration, tone and sound that can directly impact our perception and the perception of those around us. As Pierre du Plessis so eloquently put it,

“words create worlds”

What sort of world are your words creating? Are you swimming in ease and effortlessness as thousands of possibilities unfold before your eyes. Is your life fulfilling and engaging? Energized and enthralling? Are you using language that contributes to a more energy rich experience for yourself and others?

Here’s to less ‘buts’ and more ‘ands’!

Dr. Nicole


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