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  • Transform your life by learning how to…

  • Change the patterns that have kept you from creating the life you want.

  • Resolve the mental and emotional blocks that have kept you stuck.

  • Create a new and better "map of reality" that promotes positive change.

  • Reorganize your life at a higher and more functional level.

  • Raise your threshold for stress, and reduce your resistance to change.

  • Get out of your own way and allow the natural process of evolution to happen.

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Transform your life through conscious action.

You Transform your life when you overcome the limiting patterns within you, and reinvent yourself through new insights and actions.

Transformation starts once you’ve discovered how and where you’ve checked out — unintentionally and unconsciously — in order to keep your unresolved “stuff” out of your awareness. As you reclaim your personal power, take responsibility for your life, and make necessary changes, you free up tremendous energy to be creative and do things in the world.

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Dr. John talks about transformation and explains how to make the empowered changes that will take your life to the next level.

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