The Art of Well Being


Venn Diagrams seem to be all the rage right now, so I decided to make one that depicts the Art of Well Being.  This diagram is based on The Seasons of Well Being described by Dr. Donald Epstein.

The Seasons of Well Being refer to distinct periods or rhythms in life that influence the way you perceive and act in the world. These periods, which appear to be universal in human experience, have predictable perceptions, actions, and developmental levels associated with them.

At The Well Being Center we help you identify which Season you are in right now, and then teach you what to focus on and what types of practices and behaviors you can use to end pain and suffering in your mind and body.

Whether you’re experiencing back pain or other physical symptoms, or you’re feeling depressed, anxious,  emotionally overwhelmed or indifferent, the research-based mind-body- integrating approach at the Well Being Center might just be the solution.


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