The Art of Using Congruence to Increase Energy and Passion

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Do you want more energy, mental clarity and stamina, and less stress, fatigue and irritability for the long-term?  Then learn how to create inner-congruence.

The majority of people I meet don’t think about congruence when it comes to managing their energy levels.  Instead they’re so caught up in what’s urgent “right now”, that their focus is mainly on how they’re going to make it through the day…not on how they can be more congruent in their lives.

Instead of focusing on practices that build and sustain their natural energy stores (enhancing their physical, emotional and mental well being in the process) they are addicted to the rush of short-term energy sources that end up depleting their energy over time – making them even more dependent on those sources.

It’s easy to blame governments around the world for their short-sighted and unsustainable use of energy – because it is happening “out there” somewhere.  It’s a lot harder however, to look “within ourselves” and our bodies, to take inventory of how we use our own personal energy in short-sighted and unsustainable ways, and then change our habits for the better.

But changing “energy-habits” is possible, rewarding, and will help you do more of what you love, for longer periods of time, while impacting more people.

Energy and Congruence

One of the keys to having more energy is congruence.

Congruence is “the state when a person`s internal beliefs, strategies, and behaviors are fully in agreement and oriented toward securing a desired outcome”.

Congruence is about being fully present and authentic within yourself.  Being fully present and authentic it turns out, is incredibly energizing!

This is because when you are congruent, your energy flows freely within your body.  There’s no inner-restriction of your desired actions, no holding energy back because of inner-conflict, and no compartmentalizing of your emotions.

Dr. Candace Pert, a well-known neuroscientist, defines emotion as “energy-in motion” in the body.  When you’re congruent you are an example of this energy-in-motion.


Passion is defined as “any powerful or compelling emotion or feeling”.  Since congruence creates energy-in-motion, which is emotion, this naturally leads to the expression of one’s passion.

Passion is what makes things happen in the world. Passion is what makes great leaders charismatic.  Passion is what compels people to enlist in a cause.  Passion is what makes life intriguing, fun and enlivening!

To sum things up:

  1. Congruence means that you inner-world is in agreement
  2. When your inner-world is in agreement, energy flows freely within your body
  3. Free flowing energy within your body (energy-in-motion) IS emotion
  4. Free expression of emotion equates to passion


Following this line of reasoning, you can expect to get exceedingly more energy and passion, by becoming more congruent in your inner-world.

How to Create Congruence

  1. Start by synchronizing your Breath, Movement, Energy.
  2. Align your body Structure, your Perceptions and your Behaviors.
  3. “Fuel” your actions with a source of energy that’s easy for you to use.  Examples: Life force energy, Emotional Energy, Mental Energy, Non-self or “Spiritual” energy.


How do you do these things, specifically?  What are the steps?  What are the “tools”?

You can visit the Well Being Center Learning Center to discover more about 3 of the different tools to help create congruence:

  1. Somato Respiratory Integration – to synchronize Breath, Movement, Energy.
  2. The Triad of Change – to align your Structure, Perceptions and Behaviors
  3. Energetic Intelligences – to help you optimize your energetic resources



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