5 Keys to Creating Unconflicted Behavior: The Story of Seat A-6


I went to an amazing concert on Saturday night.  It was Deva Premal and Miten at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.  It was a magical event and I felt that the story of how I ended up there was worth telling because it illustrates so clearly how the Universe supports “unconflicted behavior” with seemingly magical outcomes.

At the end of the post I share the 5 Keys to Creating Unconflicted Behavior that I’ve discovered along my journey.

At the Palace of Fine Arts

Unconflicted behavior is a term that Joseph Chilton-Pearce used to describe the state “wherein heart and mind-brain resonate in synchronicity, opening us to levels of possibility beyond the ordinary.”

Unconflicted behavior is “the zone”, the state of total inner-congruence and peace from which effortless manifestation always arises.

In SRI terms, unconflicted behavior is most associated with the Stage 8 experience — an emptiness and freedom where the inner and outer world are totally synchronized, a consciousness where the only thoughts that arise are ones that are congruent with what is already manifesting — so everything feels perfectly timed and orchestrated.

In regards to the concert, a friend of ours had an extra ticket and a couple weeks ago she called my wife and offered it to her.  I was also invited, but I wasn’t thrilled at the prospect of sitting by myself somewhere in the back of the theater since all of the tickets up front had already been sold out.

So I declined the offer, deciding that I’d just stay home.

Then, the morning of the concert I suddenly had a change of mind.

What had I been thinking?  This was going to be an amazing event.  I love these artists and I play their music all the time at the Well Being Center, plus my wife was going to have to drive the hour up to San Francisco and back, so I’d get to be right next to her for the drive.

It was decided, I was going.

I hopped online to buy a ticket.  Yep, the concert was sold out.  “No problem” I thought, “I am going”. I was 100% certain.

I emailed Deva Premal and Miten’s administrator through their website.  I got an apologetic reply, no more seats were available.  “No problem” I thought.  “I am going”

The next step, of course Craigslist.  Two tickets were available but upon calling, one had been sold and the other had been promised to someone.  No problem, I was still going.  Unconflicted behavior had set in.

I decided I’d just go to SF and find a way to get in once I was at the venue.  Someone would be selling a ticket outside or I’d find the right person to talk to and work something out.

The theater has a thousand seats, surely something would come up.  I was going, and that was that.

About thirty seconds after I’d made the decision to go even without a ticket, the phone rang.  It was the woman from Craigslist.  She had just received a call from the original buyer who had backed out at the last minute.

The ticket was now mine if wanted it.  “But of course” I thought.

I made arrangements to meet the woman at an exit just off highway 280 on my way up to the city.  It was a quick exchange, cash for the ticket.  I didn’t even bother to look at the seat, isle or row number.

She had told me that the seat was right up front, but I wasn’t concerned.  It was the only ticket available and I was certain it would be perfect.

When we got to San Francisco we met our friend for dinner and then headed to the venue where we presented our tickets at the door and made our way to our seats.

As we entered the lobby our friend said to my wife, “By the way, you’re in seat A-8 and I’m in A-10”. My wife turned to me and asked, “Where are you honey?  I’m going to miss being next to you.”

I fumbled in my pocket for the ticket stub that I hadn’t even looked at up until now.  “Uh…A-6” I replied.

“Are you serious?” she said.

You see, in the Palace of Fine Arts, the seats are a bit different.  Odd numbers are on the left side of the theater and even numbers are on the right.  Therefore A6 and A8 are literally RIGHT NEXT TO EACH OTHER in the very first row!

In a sold out theater with a thousand seats, I had purchased the only ticket I could find anywhere, which turned out to be the seat in the front row right next to my wife.

Now that’s just plain awesome!

Our Seats Together (Click to enlarge photo)

My wife and I were ecstatic to be together.  Of all of the possible realities that could have occurred that evening, I had dialed in the one that had put us together in the front row.

“You can’t get rid of me” I said.  “I’m always going to find a way to be right here beside you, even if I don’t know how I’m going to get there myself!”

The evening was magical and amazing, we couldn’t stop smiling and shaking our heads at how blessed we are and how beautifully and perfectly this life is orchestrated.

From the front row

Honestly, I wasn’t at all surprised that we ended up right next to each other though.

This is exactly how unconflicted behavior works, and I’ve become more and more accustomed to it over the years as I’ve learned to tap into it on a regular basis.

Curious about how to create unconflicted behavior in your own life?  Here are 5 keys that I’ve discovered routinely help me access a state of certainty and “knowing”:

5 Keys to Creating Unconflicted Behavior:

1.  Decide what you want

Make your decision but stay unattached to the details, the “how” you are going to get where you want to go.

The key to unconflicted behavior is entering a state of “knowing” that you’re going to get a certain outcome.  You don’t need to know how it’s going to happen.  You just need to know with absolute certainty that it is going to happen.

2.  Eliminate doubt

Unconflicted behavior is fearless.  All of your focus must be on what you want, with no doubt that it won’t work out.  With unconflcted behavior there is no “backup plan” just in case you fail.  There is no hesitation.  There is no wondering if or “hoping” things will work out.

If you’ve ever done a firewalk, there is a moment when you decide to step out onto the twelve hundred degree coals.  A feeling comes over you and you just “know” that it is your time.  That congruence, that unconflicted behavior is what keeps you from being burnt.

When you focus on the feeling of certainty and knowing and leave no room for anything else, there’s no room for doubt.  If any inkling of a doubt does creep in, acknowledge that you somehow dropped out of the “knowing” state and you need to find that certainty again before you continue on.

3.  Stay in action

Unconflicted behavior feels effortless, but significant action must still be taken in most cases to get where you want to go.  Once you’ve decided what you want and you’re in a state of knowing that it is going to happen, you need to keep moving in what feels like the right direction.

Sometimes doing nothing is exactly what’s needed (you’ll know this if you’re truly in the “knowing” state) but most of the time you just need to keep moving and keep doing what feels right at the time.

The great thing about unconflicted behavior is that when you’re in that zone, it doesn’t matter which direction you go — all you have to do is perpetuate that zone through your actions.

4.  Remain flexible

Unconflicted behavior is about total flexibility.  When you’re in the zone of certainty and knowing, you always find a way forward because you have left yourself no other option, yet at the same time you are flexible as conditions change.

Imagine a tightrope walker 40 stories above the city on a one-inch wide wire.  The only way out is by putting one foot in front of the other and adapting to the wind conditions as they change.  The tightrope walker knows only one thing for sure — he’s going to make it across.

The flexibility to deal with everything that presents itself between the two ends of the wire are critical to survival.  The same goes for the survival of your desired outcome.

5.  Be grateful

Unconflicted behavior is authentic.  It comes from your essence.

When you are grateful there is no striving or pushing to make something happen.  Gratitude helps you tap into the “knowing” state where effortless manifestation occurs because it requires that you drop your agenda and appreciate “what is”.

And “what is” is exactly what must be accepted and celebrated in order for effortless manifestation to occur.

Some of the most powerful and predictable tools that I’ve found to promote unconflicted behavior are NSA and SRI, which are both available through the Well Being Center.

Another more recently developed tool called the Triad of Change is proving to be incredibly helpful in creating more periods of unconflicted behavior in my life as well.

I’m pretty excited about it, so I’ve decided to teach a free two hour workshop on the Triad of Change on Saturday September 24th from 10am-12noon at the Well Being Center. I’d love to see you there!

And if you have an amazing story of unconflicted behavior to share, I’d love to hear it.


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