Spinal Treatment: Spinal Wave Movement Bizarre or Awesome?

The following video is an example of how fluid self-generated spinal wave movement can occur without spinal treatment.  What do you think?

Undulation and flow is the essence of life.  Virtually all organisms, from single-celled amoeba to complex beings are in constant fluid-motion of some sort.  But what happens when that organic spinal wave motion is disrupted?

When the natural wave motions of your body are disrupted, whether it is because the structure of your spine has become locked from trauma or even because a limiting belief is dampening your natural rhythmic expression, there are multiple life-consequences.

Less integrated spinal wave motion appears to lead to a limited expression of emotions.

Even though you might have a wide variety of feelings going on inside you, when you have a lack of range of motion in your body’s tissues (including your spinal column) it affects your ability to fully experience or express those feelings.

Our sensorimotor patterns around feelings, emotion and expression are conditioned by the culture we grew up and live in  (what has been deemed appropriate or inappropriate to express).  Both our immediate environment and our adopted stories contribute to the habitual spinal postures we hold and limited movements in many areas of our bodies.

Traditionally people seek some sort of spinal treatment to release fixations or reduce pain and tension.  But there is a new field of research looking at alternative ways to relieve pain and create greater health and well being without manipulation, drugs or surgery.

Brain researcher Dr. Candace Pert states for example, that “emotion is energy in motion”, and stuck or locked areas of the body can be associated with a standing wave of energy.

Waves (in this case of sound) have a dramatic affect on matter as seen in the following video:

Less connection to and expression of your authentic emotions, including tones, sounds and vibrations that emotions generate, not only means less presence, less depth and less passion in life in general – it means less energy is freely moving in your body.

Emotion is the “currency” of behavior-change.

Virtually all significant changes in behavior involve some type of emotion.  Emotion is what fuels changes in your biochemistry/physiology that spring you into action, so the more freely you can move the energy in your body the more rapidly you can adapt and change your behavior to flow with the dynamic world we live in.

Physical, emotional and psychological stress, injury and trauma contribute to “fight-flight-freeze” posturing, which is accompanied by increased spinal rigidity and decreased respiration.

The more stressed you get, the tighter, less fluid, less expressive and less adaptable you become in your body and in life.

You can disrupt the fight-flight-freeze process and dramatically change your situation however, no matter how stressed out and locked up you are without traditional spinal treatment by:

1. Increasing your body awareness.

2. Reducing the tension in your body.

3. Becoming more connected and expressive.

4.  Developing spinal wave movement.

Although spinal wave movement occurs naturally and spontaneously (Kundalini awakening, during labor, or even during orgasm) it can also be cultivated through an approach like Continuum Movement as seen in the video, or it can happen totally effortlessly through Network Spinal Analysis “entrainments”.

You can learn more about spinal wave movement, it’s benefits and the entrainment process here.

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