Sacred Activism: Beyond the Ambitions of a Pig

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“Well being and happiness never appeared to me as an absolute aim. I am even inclined to compare such moral aims to the ambitions of a pig.” – Albert Einstein

It might seem a bit ironic. Here I am quoting Albert Einsten bluntly saying that if your goal is your own well being and happiness, then you’re basically operating at the moral level of a pig—when our entire focus at The Well Being Center is centered around helping people create and sustain well being and happiness. What gives?

Well, instead of launching into a treatise explaining what we’re all about, or deeply delving into our philosophy regarding what creates and sustains well being and happiness, I’m going to share an excerpt from Andrew Harvey’s book The Hope: A Guide to Sacred Activism.

This passage, in which Harvey writes about a spiritual awakening, sums up how I feel about what really creates well being and happiness:

A voice within me then began to speak. It was so loud I was almost deafened by it, although no one else heard it: You have been playing with light all these years that you believed you were making spiritual progress. You have been exploiting the mystical teachings and experiences you have been given for yourself, your career, your own selfish delight.

Don’t you understand that the purpose of everything you have been through is to make you a servant of divine love in action in the world? Don’t you realize that if Grace has opened up the divine realms to you, it is so that you can be devoted and humble enough to dedicate all of your thoughts and emotions and actions and resources to the ending of the horror that you see before you? The world is burning to death in the fires of greed and ignorance.

All of animal and human life is now threatened. This being that you see before you (referring to an Indian beggar with no arms or legs) is one of billions in anguish. See behind him and around him the burning forests, the polluted seas, the vanishing tigers and polar bears.

The divine is being crucified again and again by humanity obsessed with its own needs and driven increasingly by a crazed and suicidal hunger to dominate and control and exploit everything.

Everything you are and everything you do from this moment on must help human beings awaken to their inner divinity and to its responsibilities of the of urgent sacred action.

The only questions you will be asked when you cross over the waters of death are “What did you do while the world was burning? How did you work to heal the horror of the world on fire? What did you love enough to risk and give your life for?” Nothing else will matter.

Understand this now.

Turn away from everything you have been and done and believed, and dive into the furnace of the Divine Love that embraces all beings. Give your whole life to spread and embody the message of its passion to the world—that the world must now wake up, claim the sacred fire that lives within every human heart and act from it.

The one hope, both for you and for humanity, is to take up the challenge of the Divine and put the fire of Divine Compassion into radical action in every in every arena of the world.

To me, true well being and happiness come from knowing and accepting ourselves so deeply and fully that we finally get beyond ourselves to recognize our greater role of service in this life.

Trying to gain well being and happiness as an “absolute aim” as Einstein said, is just a futile attempt by the ego-mind to preserve itself by keeping it’s focus within it’s tiny “pig-pen reality.”

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