On Authenticity: Are YOU Contributing Something Unique to the Heritage of Humankind?

Who ARE you, authentically?

It’s a question that seems to loiter… to linger… lurking around the edges of your consciousness. A challenge whispered secretly to your insides or thrown, overtly off canyon walls.

What is your answer?

It’s true: you are trillions of cells, alive with vibration, innately organized into tissues for absorption, excretion, tension, structure, and tone. You are complex neuronal networks firing to create sensation, sight, and sound. You are, also, something more.

You are the magical mix of memories. A menagerie of roles and masks pulled on and off at will: mother, father, sister, brother, broker, banker, engine maker, artist, film connoisseur, music maestro, shower-singer, lover, friend. You are an authentic, un-equivocal, and irreproducible expression of energy that this Universe will never get to see again.

You are unique. Are you letting it show?

Perhaps you’ve seen Brene’ Brown’s viral video? A TED talk she gave revolving around the power of vulnerability? (click here, if you haven’t… or if you want to watch the beauty of it again).

She urges us to “let ourselves be seen, deeply, and vulnerably, by others.” She argues that our only true connections come from a deep display of vulnerability.

We must be our authentic, bruised, “broken,” less-than-perfect-selves… and we have to let it show! Showing up as a shadow of your full, authentic, vibrant self just won’t work! You’ve got to be YOU: the cells, the memories… sans-masks… in front of others.

And do you know what comes from showing up? As YOU?


Love From Others. Love For Yourself.

It is said that “love is the only rational act,” so would it not follow that the only logical thing to do is to show up and be seen? To be your authentic self? To be loved?

As Jennifer Cobb puts so eloquently in her editorial at OnBeing.com,

            the knowledge and expression of our most unique selves requires a commitment to authenticity, to knowing who we are in the most profound sense… and that only when I am most uniquely myself can I ‘contribute something unique to the heritage of humankind’

Want help connecting to your authentic self?

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