New Year’s Message from Drs. John and Christina


Happy New Year!

Thank you for being a valuable part of our practice community.  It’s our honor to continue to share the inspiration and wisdom that we’ve learned from our teachers and our lives with you in 2013.

This year we’ll keep doing our best to help you connect within, remember what is true and good, and feel into your heart – for it really is remembering your heart and feeling the LOVE that will ultimately change your life and the world for the better.

Our mission at the Well Being Center has always been to inspire our clients to awaken their highest potentials by improving their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being to a level that allows them to create the best possible life for themselves, and then use their life in service to others.

It’s our belief and our experience that you can choose to live your life as the YOU who you are consciously choosing to be, regardless of your circumstances.

To do this however, you need to better know who you are at your core and honor your core nature.

You also need to realize how you “do you”, in other words how your thoughts, energy, and behaviors interplay with your body and it’s various patterns to create your reality.

There’s a unique energetic blueprint that represents your potential, and as you recognize it and more fully align with it, the effortless and natural state of being that you’re seeking just happens.

You rarely have to work harder at what you’re doing to be “successful”.  You just need to tap into different resources, try on different perceptions, alter your life structures, or adopt different behaviors.

Most of the time the shifts you’re looking for are created by making very small changes in just one or two areas of your life.

Throughout our nearly two decades of working with people we’ve found that one of the most powerful ways to create more rapid shifts in virtually every area of your life is to master how you live in your body.

We’re talking about something beyond just mastering the “mechanics” of your physical body though.  It’s more of a mastering of your body-mind.

Your body is the expression of energy – universal, soul, mental, emotional and bioenergetic energy – that’s organizing matter into form.

There’s nothing static about your body, rather it’s in constant and perpetual motion from the time of your inception until the time of your death.  No part of your body that was here even a few years ago remains today.  The trillions of cells have all been exchanged out again and again giving you the illusion of a relatively constant and solid physicality – but that’s far from the reality!

The exciting part about life is that it’s never too late to wake up to your energetic nature, tap into the consciousness that transcends your day-to-day “mind” and use that wisdom to live more congruently with your core nature.

It’s our great pleasure to help you develop the skills and strategies to do this better.

We’re here to help you better access your energetic and spiritual nature, so that you remember who you really are and why you’re really here on this planet.

Ultimately it all begins with you.  You are the world and the world is in you.  As you heal, grow, forgive and learn to love yourself and others more fully, you begin to enjoy and appreciate the journey with a whole new depth and richness.

It’s from this place that an abundance of gratitude and passion really begins to spill over, uplifting everyone around you.

It’s our hope that 2013 becomes the deepest, richest and most enjoyable year of your life-journey yet.  From our hearts we wish you great blessings and abundant energy for the road ahead, and for all that you are creating and being.

With Love,

Drs. John and Christina


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