Loneliness: You Are Not Alone

No you are not alone.  You never were and ultimately never will be.

I know, that sounds like a cliche’ when you’re literally all by yourself and feeling totally alone, but it is only your cognitive mind/ego/self/identity – that  creates loneliness by giving the illusion of separateness.

Life cycles through it’s seasons.  There are times when you Discover things about yourself.  There are times when you find the courage to Transform your life.  There are times when you Awaken to a deeper experience of the world.

Sometimes the cycles are quick.  Sometimes they seem very, very long (especially when you’re experiencing loneliness). But these seasons are a process that we all go through in some way or another.

We Awaken, we Discover, we Transform – then we Discover some more…then Awaken…then Discover some more…then Transform…then Discover some more…and some more…then we Awaken to a greater depth…then we Discover some more…then Transform…and so on…

It just keeps going…

Each discovery shows you that you’re so much more than you’ve been living, or shows you that you’re living so much less than who you are capable of being.

The choice to keep discovering amounts to a conscious path.  Along the path you’re meeting new people, revisiting people from your past, finding that some people are growing with you, finding that some people are evolving while others seem to be de-volving.

Some of your life-structures will break down, and new structures will emerge.  Some of your behavior patterns will be interrupted, and new patterns will be formed.  Some of your beliefs and perceptions will be challenged, and new maps of the world will be generated.  Then, all of them will be interrupted again so new patterns can form.

There’s no right “path”.  There’s love and acceptance, and there’s non-acceptance and frustration.  There are addictions, and breakthroughs, and humor and deep sorrow, and joy…and loneliness.

You can’t make a “wrong” choice or take a wrong path.  Every choice has consequences, and every consequence is an opportunity for yet another choice.

Every choice is also preceded by an intention.

There’s the intention to move away from that which is difficult or uncomfortable, so that you can avoid feeling hopeless, worthless, unloveable, or alone.

There’s the intention to move toward that which feels good, wholesome, expansive, so that you can remember that you are enough, powerful, lovable, worthwhile.

Then there’s the intention to be in awe of what is, with no agenda to make anything be any different than it is.

You feel loneliness if you choose to feel alone.  You are in community if you choose to feel that you are in community.

Think of Nelson Mandela.  “Alone” in prison for 27  years, but all the while “preparing” because he knew that he was still part of the community.  Wow, what a choice to keep that focus.

Are you feeling alone?  What are you preparing for?


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