It’s Not Just You, It’s Intense Out There!

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If you’re feeling like this year, and especially these past couple of months have been especially intense, you’re not alone.  Many friends of mine around the world have been reporting that an especially tangible energetic shift seems to be going on for them right now.

What’s happening?  What does it mean?  Where are things going?

Some people believe that we’re hurling toward the end of the world on December 21, 2012, when the ancient Mayan calendar completes an over five thousand year cycle.  But just like with Y2K, don’t believe the hype.  Don’t worry, there’ll be a Dec. 22, 2012.

Many people believe that 2012 isn’t an end but rather it’s the beginning, a sort of turning point for human consciousness.

The story is that masses of people around the world are waking up, so there’s a collective shift going on.  As scientists continue to bust myth after myth around how the mind and body really work (outdated mechanistic beliefs established centuries ago) the story that life isn’t just happening to us, but rather we’re truly co-creators of our “reality”, has caught on.

When you combine this new and empowering story of being co-creators with the rapid and exponential growth in computing power, the internet and social media, the possibilities for our future become quite intriguing.

Our potential “reach” as individuals has never been greater.

Futurist Ray Kurzweil says that we’re moving closer to what he calls the “Singularity”, the moment when computer-based intelligence significantly exceeds the sum-total of all human brain-power combined, allowing us to transcend the biological limitations of our bodies and brains.  At that point, according to Kurzweil, there will no longer be a distinction between human and machine.

Although the Singularity won’t be until 2045 according to Kurzweil, we are certainly moving in that direction and very few people have really considered that this is going to happen in OUR lifetimes!

Most people I talk to, no matter where they live, or what they do, seem to feel like we’re on the edge of something (besides the “fiscal cliff” in the US).

There’s a sense that something big is about to happen but people are not quite sure what.  There’s a restlessness, a sense that there’s something else, something more going on than meets the eye.

Whether what’s going on is because of technological advancement or because a new spiritual chapter has been turned on the planet, one thing is for sure:  The world is changing rapidly and we’ve got to be aware, flexible and ready for what’s coming down the pipe.

What Does it Mean For You?

There’s no doubt that biology and technology are merging, but what’s that going to be like?  Should we be freaked out?

If humans and computers have totally merged in just over thirty years, robots will be doing many of the tasks that we do now plus they’ll reside within our bodies as nanotechnology (tiny computer chips merged with living cells) doing all sorts of things like backing up our brain’s memory.  Yes, it’s been predicted that we’ll be able to literally “save” our memories to a hard drive.

With new technologies come new opportunities and challenges though.  What happens if you save your memories to an external hard drive and then someone comes along and hacks your memory?  What if you go back to tap into your memories and they’ve been replaced with a different set of memories?  Would you even know?  How would that affect you?

The truth is, we already store and access our memories with a biological hard drive (our physical bodies).  The way we breathe, hold and move our bodies and focus our energy- flow and our attention allows or inhibits access to certain memories and possibilities.  Painful childhood memories for example, might be retrieved while we’re in one postural and focus pattern, while joyful ones are retrieved while we’re in another.

The technology we’re using at the Well Being Center to help people create the most resourceful physiological “states”, and access past, present and future in powerful new ways so that they can navigate the rapidly changing world more easily (right now, without plugging their brain into a USB port) is worth checking out.  Here’s a post about the mind-body connection to get you started.

Without a doubt, the next decades will bring about some of the most radical changes in cultural consciousness and interconnectedness worldwide.  Are you doing everything you can do now to get ready?

Dr. John


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