How to Get Yourself Out of the Funk…

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You know the feeling of “the funk”.  Nothing seems to be working, you feel underwhelmed, unmotivated, somehow inhibited by the circumstances of your life.  Your energy is low, your breath is shallow, your body is tight and your mind is foggy.

You feel like just getting through the day takes a tremendous amount of effort.  Yet, there’s nothing really “wrong”.

Actually, you’re living a pretty blessed life… come to think of it a really blessed life considering the situation that most people in the world are in.

The funk is tricky though.  It thrives in the shadows of awareness, surviving by keeping out of the light of consciousness.

Everybody experiences the funk, some unfortunately a lot more than others, yet surpisingly few people have educated themselves on how to overcome the funk when it arrives.

No matter what your situation, no matter how old you are, how off-course and screwed up you’ve been, you’re never too far gone to de-funkify yourself though!

You Need Awareness to Overcome the Funk

All change starts with awareness.

If you can’t feel it, you can’t change it.  So, to overcome the funk you’ve got to increase your awareness.  But that’s a pretty general thing to say, “increase your awareness”, so I’ll get more specific:

The only way the funk can persist is through unconsciousness, and to stay unconscious you’ve got to disconnect from three specific things:

1.  Your Breath

2.  Your Movements

3.  Your Energy Flow

When you de-synchronize these things, you become less conscious.  When you’re less conscious, you’ve de-synchronized these things.  It’s a two-way street.

Whenever you injure yourself, feel numbed out, depressed, ovewhelmed, anxious or agitated, you’re always out of your “zone” a little bit (or a lot).

When you’re out of your zone, you’re out-of-synch with your true rhythm, and your true rhythm always involves a seamless integration of breath, movement, energy and focused attention.

Integrating breath, momement and energy is easily accomplished through NSA entrainments and SRI exercises, however there’s more to it than that if you want to be able to recognize the patterns that lead to the funk — and master the principles that get you out of the funk all by yourself.

You’ve also got to begin to recognize your life’s rhythms and cycles, your linguistic patterns, behavior patterns and the ways that you structure and perceive things in your life.

The relationship between your behavior, structure and perceptions can be explored and mastered through the Triad of Change.  Your linguistic patterns and life’s rhythms and cycles can be understood and worked with through another model called the Seasons of Well Being.

The Seasons of Well Being:  Learn How You Create and Overcome the Funk

The Seasons of Well Being refer to distinct periods or rhythms in life that influence the way you perceive and act in the world. These periods, which appear to be universal in human experience, have predictable perceptions, actions, and developmental levels associated with them.

When you can recognize which Season of Well Being you are in and choose the behaviors that are the most appropriate for that Season, you gain the ability to get out of the funk instantaneously.

The Seasons of Well Being will be explained and the most common linguistic and behavior patterns associated with each Season will be discussed at the upcoming 4 Sacred Seasons class at the Well Being Center on Tuesday, February 28th from 6:30-8:00pm.  


  • How your linguistic patterns reflect your consciousness state and contribute to, or detract from, your physical, emotional and mental health and well being.
  • How to recognize and change previously un-resourceful physical, mental and emotional patterns that increase pain, limit creativity and undermine performance.
  • How to know what “Season” you are in right now, and what it will take to get from where you are to where you want to “Be”.

There is limited space for this class.  Call 831.475.2248 if you’d like to attend.


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