How to Convince Your Lizard Brain That All Is Well

I just got an email from a practice member, commenting on her journey and her struggle to live with herself, to “be” with her own being.

The following is an excerpt from that email, and my response to her:

Practice member:

“I have never undertaken anything as onerous as convincing my lizard brain that all is well. I have never had so little to show for such tremendous dedication to a project. It is stupifying to me that sheer will and perseverance yield so little. Even though I’ve heard it said time and again that this can’t be fixed or figured out with the mind, I can’t help but try.”

Me:  Thank you for your note.  Believe me, I get it.

What I’ve learned working with A LOT of people over the past geez, almost twenty years, is that there are a number of ways to go about this life “thing”, a variety of approaches that can either create suffering or help integrate your “lizard brain” and your higher consciousness.

1.  Disassociate.  Totally check out from what you’re really experiencing through some form of addiction or self-medication usually, and go at this thing self-anesthetized.  This leads to an energy deficient or “poor” state in the body-mind and ultimately breakdown of the system prematurely = sickness, disease, early death or a long drawn out life of seemingly endless suffering as you lizard brain reacts, reacts, reacts…

2.  Restore/fix/patch.  Work on understanding your life and your past until it makes better sense to you, and you feel like you can stomach it – for a while at least.  This leads to a more energy “neutral” state where you can mentally manage your life experience better but your thoughts are still real things to you.  Rules are still reality.  Past experiences still shape your present.  It’s still about “feeling better” and getting to that illusory “everything is finally ok” place.  Your lizard brain is still reacting, but it’s not quite as hypervigilant.

 3.  Reorganize.  Go into the matrix of energy, consciousness and matter and begin to disassemble the illusion of solidity – and start to recognize that it’s all transient and everything can change in an instant – every instant.  Begin to better feel the subtle and invisible forces that shape you, and differentiate the myriad of different qualities and nuances of each, so that you can navigate the terrain with more awareness, grace and ease. This leads to an energy “rich” state where you feel resourceful, capable and inspired about life a lot more often.  Your lizard brain is in service to your higher brain at this point.

Every thought you have, and every action you take is informed and organized by a depth of consciousness/intelligence and fueled by a certain type of energy.

It’s biology.  It’s physics.  It’s…whatever it is, how it works is that your body and your physical reality are shaped by forces that are much, much bigger than your cognitive mind could ever figure out.  So instead of trying to figure them out, why not just learn what they feel like and make it your practice to become a master at being with all of them without judgement?

  • To be with your life force or bioenergy, learn to feel the buzz or tingle, the heat or flow of the energy of incarnation that grows your fingernails and keeps your heart beating no matter what.
  • To be with your emotional energy, learn to express your feelings through your body’s movements and sounds – be it grunts, groans, moans, sighs, laughing, crying etc.  Learn how to be moved by your emotions no matter how subtly.
  • To be with your mental energy, learn how to watch those thoughts like a ticker tape across the  bottom of a newscast.  Use those thoughts that work for you and let the rest keep on streaming through.
  • To be with your soul energy, learn how to embrace the awesomeness of being, just because you are a miraculous creation.  Learn to observe from beyond the “thinker” and beyond the “seeker”.  This requires feeling with the heart.  No amount of analysis will get you here.
  • To be with the universal spirit energy, learn how to look for the signs that the “weaver” of all of life and creation is really bringing every little thing in and out of your life in the perfect timing – no matter how inconvenient or unreasonable it might seem.

Everything, I mean EVERYTHING, is exactly, perfectly how it must be in each moment for you to have an opportunity to wake up even more and remember who you really are and what you’re really made of.

How do you actually do this?  How do you “practice” this?  What are the steps?

Well, there are many paths, and you can learn about the way we approach this stuff (how we help you put your lizard brain into the service of your higher brain) at the Well Being Center, by attending our next free Reorganizational Living Class on Tuesday, October 29th from 6:30-8:00pm at the Well Being Center.

Call (831) 475-2448 to register, or email

– Dr. John


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