4 Steps to Breakthrough Limiting Patterns

This post reveals why limiting patterns exist in your body and mind, and explains how breakthroughs occur during the transformation process.

Everyone has gone through hard times in life. Of course what constitutes “hard times” is relative and subjective, but in one way or another everybody has struggled.

Whether it’s with physical pain and injury, intimate relationships, body image, self-confidence, financial security, or addictive behaviors there’s always going to be some area of your life that’s more challenging.

Nobody wants to feel like a failure. At the deepest level we all want to feel loved and valued for who we are, without having to perform or be inauthentic.

Yet, things like your family upbringing, schooling, peers, and religious affiliation establish certain rules, values, and belief systems early on that naturally create inner-conflicts and doubts about your lovability and capability as a human being.

Good news. That’s perfectly normal. It’s your conditioning.

Conditioning is “the learning process in which an organism’s behavior becomes dependent on the occurrence of a stimulus in its environment.”

It’s how you develop your identity, your sense of self.

In essence, your conditioning is a product of your circumstances, the culture you were brought up in. You’re taught that “This is the way things are. This is who you are. And this is what you’re supposed to do.”

When people make a breakthrough in life, it’s always about overcoming some element of their conditioning to express more of their true self, and there are actually 4 predictable steps to breakthroughs.

The 4 Steps to a Breakthrough

1. At first you’re oblivious to your conditioning. You’re unaware that you’re even limited and you just accept the circumstances as reality, “That’s just who I am. I’m just a ________ person.”

2. You begin to blame someone or something else for “causing” you to be or feel the way you do. It’s their fault, not yours.

3. You begin to feel stuck as you realize that you actually have a role in your situation. You start to see that there’s a pattern that you’ve been repeating. You’re the cause?

4. You reach a tipping point. You can no longer tolerate your previous behaviors, your own lowered standards, your old conditioned ways. Something inside you says, “Enough of this!” It’s time to take your power back, to reclaim your rightful place as creator of your own destiny.

Of course breakthroughs happen whether or not you’re aware of these 4 steps, but understanding them helps you get a sense of where you’re at right now so you can move forward more quickly.

Are you feeling like nothing can really change because “that’s just the way things are?” Are you blaming someone or something else for your situation? Are you feeling frustrated and stuck?

Depending on where you are, different processes and exercises can be used to help you reach that tipping point, where you feel that energy and power coursing through you once again. Where that voice inside you finally booms “I take my power back! I take my courage back! I take my life back! I deserve more than this!”

Learn about tools and processes that accelerate breakthroughs.


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