How Therapeutic Approaches Can Actually Limit Your Transformation

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Therapeutic approaches aimed at taking away your symptoms can help you feel better, at least temporarily, but these same approaches can actually limit your growth and transformation.

Why? Because every two or so years the 75-100 trillion cells in your body are totally replaced. There’s not a single cell in your body that hasn’t been exchanged (many, hundreds of times over).

You are constantly creating new versions of yourself, day after day and year after year.

The illusion is that you are always the same “you” traveling along a timeline from past to future. In reality though, the “you” that seems to be constant in an ever-changing universe is really always changing (and a lot faster and more frequently than you might imagine).

As soon as you structure your life around trying to keep things the same (i.e. preserve your current identity) you start living in reaction, and there is a loss of well being.

Therapeutic approaches (although this is not always the case) are typically sought out by individuals who are in reaction and trying to preserve the illusion that they are still the same person they used to be. The hope is, “if this condition goes away things will go back to the way they were — back to normal.”

But, restoring you back to person you were before an injury, a disease or crisis is physiologically impossible.

It is a goal that can never be achieved and one that can actually hold you back from using the symptoms, events, and circumstances of your life as catalysts for growth and change.

If instead of trying to take your symptoms away and get back to business as usual, you start to discover and dismantle the patterns of thought and behavior that the “old you” regarded as normal, you begin to transform.

And since you are literally making up who you are going to be two years from now this very instant, it is possible to create an entirely new identity (and learn to perceive, behave and structure your life congruent with that identity) in any moment.

  • The “you” that is struggling is an identity. There is an abundant “you” that experiences effortless manifestation.
  • The “you” that is angry is an identity. There is a trusting and accepting “you.”
  • The “you” that is overweight is an identity. There is a vital, free and open “you” that has no charge around food.

Each identity (you might call it self or ego) is a concept of the mind made up by the mind based on your life experiences, who you’ve modeled, and what you’ve learned. What keeps so many people from transforming is that they don’t realize the identity they’re trying to preserve by treating themselves with restorative and therapeutic approaches isn’t even “real” in the first place!

If you want a new reality, you’ll need to create a new identity, pick a new illusion, and start living it.

But to do that you’ve got to unhook from your conditioned patterns and ways of defending yourself from change.

Learn more about how to unhook from conditioned patterns and transform your life.


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