Grow More Love: A Quick Update from Dr. John

I’ve got to admit, it’s been a whirl-wind tour lately.  I’ve been working hard, pushing the envelope of uncertainty and doing my best to serve, love and grow.

For the first time since the launch of the WBC site I haven’t even written a new blog post in over 2 weeks!  So, I thought I’d post a quick update:

October was a great month.  We celebrated with a jack-o-lantern carving party, and a bunch of people from the Well Being Center community showed up to scoop out pumpkin “guts” and share food and fun.  You can see pictures on our WBC Facebook page.

The next day a crew of Well Being Center practice members and I got together and transformed the back yard of a community member who’d gone through some significant health challenges.  You can see pictures on our WBC Facebook Page.

In October, we also co-sponsored the OM Festival which featured Girish and Donna DeLory.

As it turns out…we’ve just decided to hold a special, very intimate concert with Girish at the Well Being Center on December 10th 7-9pm (psst…it’s not even on the calendar because we can only fit about 25 people in the room.)

It’s $20 in advance or $24 the night-of, but it’ll be full the night-of, so get your spot from Michelle immediately if you want to come.

This last week I was asked to go to LA and work with Tony Robbins during one of his Unleash the Power Within events.

Oprah was at the event, and did a firewalk with Tony.  I was in line a little bit behind her during the walk (I’m sure you’ll see her whole experience on OWN shortly.  If you watch her network – you might even see my mug!).

It was Oprah’s first firewalk, so she was pretty darn scared before, and excited afterward.

It was a great experience being there for it, because I watched how full-out Oprah played.  Just a reminder – the way you show up in life is what determines the kind of life you have.

In LA I was invited to do some more work with Tony at a program next week.  So, Christina and I will be out of the office from the 14-17th (Dr. Nanilea will be available Wed. the 16th in the AM hours only).

When we return from Mexico, we’ll be coming up on the Transformational Gate Program in San Francisco Dec. 2-4th.  If  you’re under our care, you can still participate!

Christina and I will be working at the Gate program with Donny Epstein, our mentor/developer of NSA/SRI).  The Gate is amazing, life-changing and inspiring on every level.  If you can get there…get there.

So as always, lots going on and many, many opportunities to create magic moments and deeper well being.




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