A visually apparent unique set of muscular contraction patterns, associated with the neurophysiological phenomenon initiated through the clinical application of Network Spinal Analysis care. The patterns are unique to each individual, but the overall group of patterns exhibit characteristic movements that seem common to a wide range of individuals expressing the wave. It has been observed that when a large group of people are expressing the “somatopsychic wave™” that some of the movements of the larger muscle groups exhibit synchrony within the population. Moreover, while certain muscle contraction patterns are characteristic of the process, it is not predictable as to when a given pattern will be expressed by a patient, or if the pattern will be expressed at all. Additionally, the individual patient can consciously arrest the “somatopsychic wave™” but not reproduce it consciously. This combination of characteristics led to the development of a research hypothesis that the neuromuscular process is not only non-linear, but dynamical (chaotic) as well. Current investigation has provided preliminary information in support of this hypothesis.

Spinal Treatment: Spinal Wave Movement Bizarre or Awesome?

The following video is an example of how fluid self-generated spinal wave movement can occur without spinal treatment.  What do you think? Undulation and flow is the essence of life.  Virtually all organisms, from single-celled amoeba to complex beings are