The inner-states of consciousness associated with the body’s “subtle energy” systems. There is extensive scientific evidence to support the existence of energy within and around the human body, and the body is thought to be comprised of at least five complex fields of subtle energy and information, each with a corresponding subjective interior consciousness. The Five Energetic Intelligences consist of: Bioenergetic, Emotional, Thought, Soul, and Universal Spirit.

How to Convince Your Lizard Brain That All Is Well

I just got an email from a practice member, commenting on her journey and her struggle to live with herself, to “be” with her own being. The following is an excerpt from that email, and my response to her: Practice

Are you on a Path of Purpose? 2 Quick Tricks to Tell…

  At the Well Being Center we recognize that the process of health and healing is a lifelong journey of discovery, an adventure that takes you ever-deeper into moments of transformation and enlightened awakening; through your spine, past the mind,