Exponential Learning: 7 Keys to Learning Anything Faster


Do you want to change or improve something in your life?  I’ll share some advice for one of the fastest and most effective ways to change anything – I call it “exponential learning”.

I’ve got friend visiting me from out of the country.  He’s extremely successful financially – he’s financially “free” on a level most people will never experience.  At this point my friend travels the world having fun and looking for opportunities to help people by creating new businesses, and adding value wherever he goes.

This past week I’ve spent as much time as possible with this guy (before he’s off on his next adventure).  We’ve hung out every day and our conversations have routinely continued through the night into the wee hours of the morning.

Sure it’s the least amount of sleep I‘ve had in a long time, but I can say with certainty that my entire life will be transformed because of our interactions this week.  I’d describe this week as a period of exponential learning.

Exponential learning is what happens when you are immersed in an environment where you entrain (get in-synch with) the mindset, the physiology and the consciousness of another individual.

When you entrain with successful people who are physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually congruent in an area of life, you learn exponentially from them because you’re not just learning concepts, facts and figures – you’re learning how they connect and combine things in a unique way.

You’re learning how they synthesize things – how they assess things, how they decide what things “mean” to them.  The truth is, you don’t store facts in single isolated containers in your brain.  You create complicated networks connecting different facts and figures together.

By spending time with people who have mastery in areas of life that you want to improve, you begin to entrain to their way of connecting facts and figures. When you proactively engage with them, ask them questions, and encourage them to point out your own blind spots, this exponential learning is accelerated and you learn even more quickly!

You learn what drives them, what motivates them, what scares them.  You learn their habits and processes – and at the same time you learn what drives and motivate YOU, what scares YOU, what your habits and processes are.

Most of all, you learn how your current way of connecting facts and figures has created the outcomes that you’ve been experiencing in your life.If you want to change something and you don’t want to take the long slog of the “linear learning” route (where facts, figures and concepts are hopefully mentally “understood”) here’s what you can do:

1. Find a mentor.

Think about who you know, who’s already masterful at doing what you want to do, and ask if you can hang out with them.  I don’t think a day is enough of an immersion, a week is much better, but do what you can.

2. Bare your soul.

Put your need for significance aside.  Get over yourself.  Say goodbye to your ego and LISTEN.  Exponential learning only happens when you get into the state of the “beginner’s mind” and embrace how little you really know.  Open yourself to the wisdom that you’re about to receive.  After all, if you really “knew”, you’d be in their position already wouldn’t you?

3. Ask questions and invite observations.

You want to reveal your blindspots.  It takes awareness to transform something.  We’re all like fish in water when it comes to certain areas of our lives – we’re so “in it” that we often can’t tell where we really are.  An outside observer will quickly point out patterns, habits and tendencies that were completely outside of our awareness.  Once we can find them, we can change them.

4. Embrace the pain.

It’s going to hurt when your blindspots are pointed out.  It’s supposed to hurt!  Living at a  lower standard than we’re capable of doesn’t ever feel good.  Use that pain as leverage to make the changes that you need to make to get from where you are to where you want to be.

5. Adopt radically different behaviors.

Do you want radically different results than what you’ve been getting?  If so, you’re going to need to adopt some radically different behaviors, create some radically different structures and engage in radically different ways of thinking.  Find out what your mentor reads, what they watch and listen to, and what they do every day.  Start doing that

6. Expect to be scared.

Conditioned patterns are a like well-traveled paths through a jungle.  It’s much easier to stay on them than to take out a machete and start hacking your way through the tangle of vines on either side of you.  That takes work!  So most people just stay on the same familiar path they’ve always travelled.

When you deviate from the conditioned path, you’re going to be in new territory which will get scary.  That’s because it’s unfamiliar and you’ll be uncertain.  Because of this you’ll find yourself scurrying back to the familiar path at times – only because it feels safer.  We all do this.

Just know that your conditioned path is not safer.  That familiar path is the long slog of linear learning.  It’s the sure route to the land of “someday” – you know, the day that never arrives.  You just keep trudging and hoping on that path.

7. Celebrate your growth.

As you start changing behaviors and creating new pathways, you’ll start experiencing different outcomes.  When you recognize that you’re getting different and better results, celebrate them.  Call up your mentor and tell them what you’re doing, feeling, noticing.

They’ll be thrilled, and then because you’re applying what you’ve learned and you’re in a peak state of excitement, they’re more likely to slip you another bit of wisdom that will help you grow even faster (Note:  It will most likely be in the form of pointing out another blind spot that will quickly turn your gloating into humility – like how you could have exponentially increased your recent result if you’d known about xyz!)

Want to know how to accelerate the exponential learning process even more? Learn about the tools, and technologies of transformation that we offer at the Well Being Center.

We’ll mentor and guide you, point out your blind spots and help you to grow, excel and create progress at an unprecedented level.

If you have a desire to grow and a willingness to diverge from the conditioned path, then the exponential learning process that you’ll experience at the Well Being Center will absolutely transform your life.


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