Every Time You Act It’s a Challenge

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Every time you have a thought or feeling, or take an action it’s a challenge.  What do I mean by “a challenge”?

To challenge means “To demand as due or deserved.”

When it comes to your body and mind, EVERYTHING you think, do or feel is YOU issuing a demand to Universe for what you believe is due or deserved.  Your challenge “dials-in” or “crystallizes” so to speak, a specific experience of reality from an implicate order (what you can think of as a “fuzzy” picture of all possible realities).

Brain researcher, neuroscientist and developer of the holonomic brain model put it this way in a 1998 interview with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove:

PRIBRAM: When we act it’s a challenge, and that’s very much a quantum-type, holographic, implicate-order type idea. Rather than having causality —

MISHLOVE: It’s moving towards a goal.

PRIBRAM: No, it isn’t. It’s a challenge, it’s different. Moving toward a goal would still be causal. See, we don’t even have a good language to talk about all this. It’s a challenge. The whole system can reorganize on the basis of this challenge, and you never find out where the cause is. When we were talking earlier, you said, “Where does the will start?” Well, it’s a challenge. The whole system does it. There isn’t a start and a midst and so on, because time and space are enfolded, and therefore there’s no causality.

MISHLOVE: It’s all just emerging.

PRIBRAM: It’s emerging, and you can challenge the system, and it will respond in an unpredictable way.

Re-read Pribram’s comments several times or more (10 times if you need to!), so that his words really sink in.

Here a well respected scientist, who’s discoveries researching the human brain led him to explore the deep structure and spiritual nature of the Universe, lays it out clearly.

Do you get it?  Every single moment is an opportunity for an entirely new life. Every single moment!  The past doesn’t matter one iota.

Because there is NO CAUSALITY!

The fact that your parents were abusive, the fact that somebody smashed into your car and you got whiplash, the fact that your body has been 50 lbs heavier than you’d like it to be for years — it’s all IRRELEVANT.

In this very moment you can issue a new challenge, a new demand.  What do you believe you deserve?  What’s it going to be?  The same old re-hashed reality — or something magnificent?



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