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  • Do you have neck or back pain?

  • Do you feel like you're holding the weight of the world on your shoulders?

  • Do you easily get restless, breathless, anxious or overwhelmed?

  • Do you want more freedom, ease and flexibility?

  • Do you want to improve your posture?

  • Do you want to feel more energy, vitality and peace within?

  • Have you tried traditional or alternative methods without much success?

  • If you answered YES, we can help you. Explore our Learning Center to learn how.

What you discover within can change your life.

If you’re stressed out, overwhelmed, irritated, depressed or in pain and nothing you’ve tried seems to be working, then it might be time to discover a new path.

If you stop trying to “get rid of” your symptoms and learn how to connect to what your body really needs, you’ll begin to heal. ¬†We’ll teach you new ways to get in touch with your body, so you not only get short-term relief – you create the foundation for long-term well being.

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Samantha discovered that her chronic back pain had almost totally disappeared after just one visit to The Well Being Center. Watch her share her surprise. Read More »

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What It Means to Discover

Dr. John explains how to end physical pain and describes what must really happen for a fundamental change in your symptoms to occur.

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