Discover What’s Really Causing Your Pain and Fix It Yourself

This post explores how to reduce back pain and create enhanced health and well being by increasing your awareness of the sensations within your body.

Most people go to a doctor because they’re concerned. Their symptoms seem like they’ve either become too intense, like they’ve lasted too long, or they’re different than usual, and there’s a feeling like something is “really the matter” this time.

Since they’re uncertain about what’s really going on, the person looks to the doctor to find out precisely what’s wrong (the diagnosis) followed by what the options are for “fixing” it (the treatment).

In this interaction, the doctor is expected to do both the “finding” and the “fixing” for the patient.

If you’re back is hurting, a doctor might take an x-ray or an MRI and see what she can “find.”

She might find a bulging disc, or arthritis on the films and suggest a treatment like surgery, a spinal injection, physical therapy or whatever she thinks will reduce the symptoms and make you more comfortable.

Although this standard approach to diagnosis and treatment can rule out potentially life-threatening conditions like cancer, when it comes to actually ending back pain it too often falls short.

One of the reasons is that the “cause” of back pain (and this applies to many other types of pain too) is very to hard to “find.”

In a British Medical Journal article (April 3, 1993), Andrew Frank, consultant physician in rheumatology and rehabilitation at Northwick Park Hospital in Harrow, England, stated that “Up to 85% of patients with low back pain cannot be given a definitive diagnosis because of the poor associations between symptoms, signs, imaging results and pathological findings.”

In other words, doctors only definitively know what’s “causing” someone’s back pain in 15 out of 100 people. And you probably wouldn’t take your car to a mechanic who could only find and fix what’s going on in 15 out of 100 cars!

Of the thousands of people with back pain who we’ve worked with over the years, many have been diagnosed and treated by a variety of doctors. Yet most still don’t know why they’re still in pain. They’ve been looking to doctors for solutions, and haven’t learned how to find answers by connecting to their own bodies.

“Finding” means discovering what’s really going on within you, what you’re really feeling and what you’ve been avoiding dealing with.

Your body has ways of energetically and mechanically blocking things out of your awareness, and when you’ve done that, pain is one of the ways your body gets you to stop and hopefully begin to do some discovering.

Once you’re able to find a renewed connection to what’s going on within you, you can start taking actions that will “fix” your own situation instead of looking for someone else to do it for you.

Learn more about how to “find it and fix it” yourself.


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