How being energy neutral is sinking your ship!

The energy spectrum of the universe: Imagine the entirety of the universe exists along a single, solitary, line where each tiny piece is categorized based on its available energy. At one pole of this line exists the impoverished space of

How to Precondition Yourself to “Stay in the Game” This Spring…

It was too early in the morning to smile, yet. The Sierra was still a silent and somewhat foreboding presence haphazardly spitting first rain, then ice, then snow. It was an unassuming but constant reminder: a storm is coming. Pack

Phil-a-what?! The beauty of self love…

  Most realize the inherent value of love, but do we recognize the variety?  While the depths of the English language may not do ‘love’ much justice (we really only have the one word to describe the plethora of positive emotions experienced

Body-Centered Leadership and Network Spinal Analysis

Even with a meaningful vision, a focused mission, or clear purpose, it can still be extremely challenging to juggle the demands of our high-speed, high-information 21st Century world and at the same time sustain a mentally, emotionally and spiritually integrated

Loneliness: You Are Not Alone

No you are not alone.  You never were and ultimately never will be. I know, that sounds like a cliche’ when you’re literally all by yourself and feeling totally alone, but it is only your cognitive mind/ego/self/identity – that  creates