The Art of Using Congruence to Increase Energy and Passion

Do you want more energy, mental clarity and stamina, and less stress, fatigue and irritability for the long-term?  Then learn how to create inner-congruence.

The majority of people I meet don’t think about congruence when it comes to managing their energy levels.  Instead they’re so caught up in what’s urgent “right now”, that their focus is mainly on how they’re going to make it through the day…not on how they can be more congruent in their lives. Read More »

Discover How Timing Can Help You End Pain

Timing is a key ingredient to virtually everything in life.

Bakers know that there is a precise moment when a souffle must be taken out of the oven.  Sailors know that wind directions change seasonally, so they must time their routes accordingly to make the most headway.  Farmers know that they must plant their crops at the right time in order to get the best yield.

Life feels effortless when your timing is right-on.  But when your timing is off, things get a lot more challenging. Read More »

What Your Choice of Pain Relief Says About You

How you approach your pain says a lot about you.

When you’re tense, uncomfortable or in pain, what do you typically do?

Do you immediately reach for a pill?  Do you grin-and-bear it and push through?  Do you look for a “natural” method of pain relief to “take away” the pain?

This post explores three of the most common approaches to pain relief and the real motivation behind them.  Read More »

How Tony Robbins’ 6 Human Needs Relate to Back Pain

Tony Robbins is a master at “chunking” complex topics down into bite-size pieces that be easily understood and applied – especially when they are in the realm of personal and professional growth and development. Read More »

Welcome to Well Being Center: Next Generation

We’re growing and evolving at the Well Being Center – “reorganizing” our DNA into something new and better.  In the process, the web gives us a powerful way to instantly share our latest changes, “fringe” discoveries, and developments with you. Read More »

8 Signs That You Are Avoiding Transformation

The following are eight signs that you’re in reaction. You are moving away from a feeling or experience rather than moving toward wholeness and transformation in that moment.
Read More »

What You Need to Know About Mindfulness and Somatic Awareness

Mindfulness is the Eastern meditation concept central to Buddhism, that refers to a clear, lucid quality of awareness regarding the cognitive and emotional experiences of everyday life. Read More »

How to Live Longer…What You Can Learn From Orchestra Conductors

It’s true. Orchestra conductors live longer than almost any other group of people by three to seven years. Many great conductors have even led major orchestras into their nineties. Read More »

5 Books That Help You “Awaken” to a New Life

It is paradoxical: No matter how many books you read about awakening, you won’t experience an awakened consciousness using the part of your mind that’s doing the reading! Read More »

How Therapeutic Approaches Can Actually Limit Your Transformation

Therapeutic approaches aimed at taking away your symptoms can help you feel better, at least temporarily, but these same approaches can actually limit your growth and transformation. Read More »