Exponential Learning: 7 Keys to Learning Anything Faster


Do you want to change or improve something in your life?  I’ll share some advice for one of the fastest and most effective ways to change anything – I call it “exponential learning”.

I’ve got friend visiting me from out of the country.  He’s extremely successful financially – he’s financially “free” on a level most people will never experience.  At this point my friend travels the world having fun and looking for opportunities to help people by creating new businesses, and adding value wherever he goes. Read More »

3 Steps to Finding Purpose in Your Pain

Pain.  It’s one of the most primitive forms of feedback in your body.

It’s “primitive” because it is linked to the ancient parts of your brain, the reptilian brain or brainstem (I’ll call it your “lizard brain”) and your spinal cord.  This lizard brain is associated with knee-jerk reactions that function in a habitual, patterned way. Read More »

Control and Acceptance: A Parent’s Guide to Raising Independent, Confident and Socially Responsible Teenagers


My oldest daughter just began her journey in that melting pot of hormonal, emotional and intellectual discovery that we collectively call “highschool”.

She is making new friends, engaging in new activities and finding out more about who she is and who she wants to be.  And in the process I am finding myself observing my role as her father more closely than ever. Read More »

5 Keys to Creating Unconflicted Behavior: The Story of Seat A-6


I went to an amazing concert on Saturday night.  It was Deva Premal and Miten at the Palace of Fine Arts in San Francisco.  It was a magical event and I felt that the story of how I ended up there was worth telling because it illustrates so clearly how the Universe supports “unconflicted behavior” with seemingly magical outcomes.

At the end of the post I share the 5 Keys to Creating Unconflicted Behavior that I’ve discovered along my journey.

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Ten Years After 9 11, Where is Your “Safety” and “Security”?

It’s been ten years since the 9 11 terrorist attacks and we’re living in a time of significantly more uncertainty.  People seem to be feeling less “safe” and “secure” about what the future will hold, and there is a sense that humanity as a whole is undergoing a reorganization on multiple levels.

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What’s So Great About Practicing a Controversial Form of Chiropractic In Santa Cruz?

You’ve got to love Santa Cruz County.

With it’s 29 miles of coastline dotted with world famous surf spots and 14 state parks filled with majestic redwood forests and breathtaking ocean views, Santa Cruz is a region of indisputable natural beauty.  But what really sets Santa Cruz apart from virtually any other community on the planet are the people who live here.
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What Walt Disney’s Vision Can Help You Create

The power of vision is amazing.

I just took my family to Disneyworld, the “Magic Kingdom” in Orlando, Florida.  If you haven’t been there, it’s hard to imagine the scale of the Disney property.  It’s massive.  It covers nearly 30,000 acres (about the size of the city of San Francisco) and is home to four Disney theme parks and over 20 Disney resorts.

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Every Time You Act It’s a Challenge

Every time you have a thought or feeling, or take an action it’s a challenge.  What do I mean by “a challenge”?

To challenge means “To demand as due or deserved.”

When it comes to your body and mind, EVERYTHING you think, do or feel is YOU issuing a demand to Universe for what you believe is due or deserved.  Your challenge “dials-in” or “crystallizes” so to speak, a specific experience of reality from an implicate order (what you can think of as a “fuzzy” picture of all possible realities). Read More »

The Tao of Rowing Your Boat

“If a man is crossing a river and an empty boat collides with his own boat, he won’t get offended or angry, however hot-tempered he may be.  But if the boat is manned, he may flare up, shouting and cursing, just because there’s a rower.

Realize that all boats are empty as you cross the river of the world, and nothing can possibly offend you.”

Excerpt from The Second Book of the Tao by Stephen Mitchell

Brain researcher Karl Pribram found that the human brain constantly projects an internal view of the world based on an individual’s inner-experience, out into the world like a hologram.  His discoveries brought him to the conclusion that there is no real objective “out there” at all – it’s just your projection that seems so solid and real.

“If everyone is your projection in the first place” writes Mitchell, “if you see not them but who you think they are-how can you be offended?”

What if the person who broke your heart, the backstabbing co-worker, or the politicians and bankers who got our country into the mess it’s in – are all “empty boats”?

When you finally understand how totally and completely alone you are (yet how entirely connected you are), as you drift lazily or row mightily across the river, it’s a cause for celebration!  It is an awakening.

Mitchell continues, “This has nothing to do with taking the right action against greed or stupidity.  But if you’re offended, it means that you’re not paying attention.”

The lesson?

  • Tend to your own “boat”.
  • Pay attention to what seems to be happening “out there”.  It’s not.  What’s really happening within you?
  • Remember that they are all “empty boats” (Yes, even that houseboat called your “family”!)

I’d love to read your comments.   What lesson do you get?  What insight do you have?



What Are Doctors Smoking These Days?

Blood-letting was a common practice up to the late 19th Century, and doctors were depicted smoking cigarettes well into the 20th Century.  Can you imagine what current medical practices we’ll shake our heads in disbelief at 50 years from now?

As the subjective experience of patients – their concerns, hopes, fears, beliefs and desires – begins to be more deeply taken into account by healthcare practitioners, a revolution in healthcare is occurring.  It is not so much coming from within the medical establishment, as it is from within the people though.   Read More »