Singularity University and Our Exponentially Evolving World

I spent this past weekend with Tony Robbins and a small group of people immersed in the energy and ideas of some of the most inspired and optimistic people on the planet.

We were at Singularity University, a think-tank of sorts developed by Ray Kurzweil and Peter Diamandis, located in the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, CA. Read More »

Spinal Treatment: Spinal Wave Movement Bizarre or Awesome?

The following video is an example of how fluid self-generated spinal wave movement can occur without spinal treatment.  What do you think?

Undulation and flow is the essence of life.  Virtually all organisms, from single-celled amoeba to complex beings are in constant fluid-motion of some sort.  But what happens when that organic spinal wave motion is disrupted? Read More »

Financial Well Being: Merging the Inner and Outer Worlds

I’ve had the unique privilege of providing mind-body-spirit care for thousands of people over the past 17 years.

I’ve worked with a wide range of people along the way, from directors of multi-billion dollar companies to those struggling just to put food on the table. In doing so I’ve observed patterns that influence people’s experience of well being in virtually every area of life:  physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, relational and financial.   Read More »

Beyond the Quick-Fix: A Discovery That Could Change Your Life.


Our culture is going through a paradigm shift.

It is a shift from the world of the mechanical/material (the world of things and stuff) to the world of the ENERGETIC (the world of the transient and ever-changing). Read More »

How to Get Yourself Out of the Funk…

You know the feeling of “the funk”.  Nothing seems to be working, you feel underwhelmed, unmotivated, somehow inhibited by the circumstances of your life.  Your energy is low, your breath is shallow, your body is tight and your mind is foggy. Read More »

The Best Way to Relieve Symptoms of Low Back Pain

What is the best way to relieve symptoms of low back pain?  Should you take pain-killers, get a massage or chiropractic adjustment, try acupuncture or consider surgery?

How you choose to approach your symptoms really depends on which “season” you’re in.

What do I mean by “season”?

Read More »

The New Indifference: Why Your New Brain Needs Old Tricks to Thrive in Our Modern World

In the late 1960’s researchers at the University of Tubingen, Germany, noticed a significant drop in the sensory perception and general awareness in their students.  The students weren’t as aware of information from their environment, or at least weren’t registering it in the same ways young people had previously.

A joint study was created between the university and the Gesellschaft fur Rationaell Psychologie (GRP) to explore the phenomenon.

About four thousand students ranging in age from late teens to early twenties were studied in a research project which spanned an over twenty-year period.  What the researchers found is rather alarming. Read More »

Network Spinal Analysis and the Mind-Body Connection

This is one of my more technical posts about the mind and body, so if you’re not in the mood feel free to skip this one!  If you are in the mood however, I invite you to delve in…

Recently somebody asked me how the care we provide at the Well Being Center deals with “physical” injuries.  They wanted a more detailed explanation about how our very low force approach can create such profound physical (as well as mental and emotional) changes.  This post is an edited version of my communication to them: Read More »

In My Week With Tony Robbins in Mexico, Here’s What Really Stood Out…


Christina and I just returned from a week with Tony Robbins.  We were at an intimate relationship program that he and his wife held in Cabo San Lucas, and I was providing Network Care for him during the program.  It was a transformational event and I want to share one of the many powerful distinctions that I brought home with me. Read More »

Grow More Love: A Quick Update from Dr. John

I’ve got to admit, it’s been a whirl-wind tour lately.  I’ve been working hard, pushing the envelope of uncertainty and doing my best to serve, love and grow.

For the first time since the launch of the WBC site I haven’t even written a new blog post in over 2 weeks!  So, I thought I’d post a quick update:

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