Beyond the Quick-Fix: A Discovery That Could Change Your Life.


Our culture is going through a paradigm shift.

It is a shift from the world of the mechanical/material (the world of things and stuff) to the world of the ENERGETIC (the world of the transient and ever-changing).

Unfortunately the majority of medical professionals haven’t yet realized that the shift is well underway.  They are still “treating” conditions and doling out quick-fixes with no long-term vision or plan for creating true well being in their patients.

It’s not their fault, it’s the way the biomedical culture has always functioned.  The goal has been to reduce the symptoms and return people to the life they were living.

The problem is, patients are beginning to recognize that the quick-fixes and short-sighted solutions our medical system offers are no longer enough (They might get you through a crisis, but after that you’re on your own).

Patients are realizing that the life that they were living is no longer enough!  People want to grow and change with the changing world.  They want to experience progress, and for that a new approach is needed.

What Is the Discovery?

So, what is the “discovery” that could change your life?

Well, in the same way that many people are beginning to take inventory of their financial situation, buy less “stuff” and downsize so that they can live within their means, they are also beginning to take inventory of their physical, mental and emotional state – and choosing to deal with the reality of their situation head-on.

Medical doctors like Dr. Bruce Eisendorf of Santa Cruz understand that this shift is happening.

Instead of doling out the quick-fix, Dr. Eisendorf takes into account the whole person, who they are, where they are at and where they want to go, and points them in the direction that he feels will best serve them.  Gratefully, that direction is often the Well Being Center.

I mention Dr. Eisendorf because he represents an extreme minority of M.D.s who understand that we are already well into the age of energy.

In the age of energy the name of the game is adaptability, authenticity and efficiency.  You’ve got to wake up, get real and change what needs changing in order to thrive in this non-linear environment.

The “disovery” that can change your life is the realization that the symptom or crisis that you are “treating” or trying to “get rid of” is not as much of a mechanical/material “thing” as you might have thought.

That pain in your back, that persistent headache or anxiety isn’t so much a “condition” that needs to be “treated” or “reduced” as it is an indicator that you need to change something within yourself and your life.

How do you make that discovery though?  How do you somehow extract the wisdom from your body’s symptoms and crises and use it to energize your life, and catapult you to a whole new level?

You Start By Connecting

At the Well Being Center we sometimes say, “If you can’t find it you can’t fix it.  If you can’t feel it, you can’t heal it.”   Discovery is about finding and feeling. It is about:

1. Tuning in to your body.

2. Becoming more aware of what it is communicating.

3. Ultimately extracting some type of empowering meaning from your symptoms, so that you can improve your life.  

Once you can connect to your body without judging, blaming, or trying to get rid of the problem or challenge, you become congruent within yourself.  That congruence liberates an incredible amount of energy that can be harnessed for progress.

Learn How to Connect in the SRI Class Series

If you’re ready to make some serious progress, check out our upcoming SRI Class Series which starts Thursday night (If you’ve already attended a class or series, you can pick or choose which classes out of the series you’d like to take).

You’ll learn how to connect to your body and discover how to extract the wisdom from your breath, movements and energy.  This is a foundational skill that you can use to enhance your well being for the rest of your life.

Here’s the schedule:

SRI (Somato Respiratory Integration) Class Series

All Classes run from 7:00pm – 8:15pm.  Call 831.475.2448 to reserve a space.

Thur. March 29 – Discover

Thur. April 5 – Transform

Thur. April 12 – Awaken

Thur. April 19 – Integrate


Dr. John

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