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Santa Cruz Chiropractor Dr. John Amaral has helped thousands of people from over 50 countries transform and awaken to more meaningful and purposeful lives. Follow him on twitter at @johnamaral

How to Convince Your Lizard Brain That All Is Well

I just got an email from a practice member, commenting on her journey and her struggle to live with herself, to “be” with her own being. The following is an excerpt from that email, and my response to her: Practice

Is Silence Really an Endangered Species? It Might Be Up to You to Save it!

  Often, at the Well Being Center, we speak of the value and power of vibration and sound and how it affects your life. Our spines and nerve system move energy in subtle waves of muscle, bone, and breath and

7 Tips to Escape From Mediocrity…

  I spent last weekend at transformational speaker/comedian Kyle Cease’s Escape From Mediocrity event in LA (Kyle was voted Comedy Central’s #1 comedian in 2009, and has evolved into doing “conscious comedy” and transformational events).

The Story of Success: The Magic 3

  We’ve been traveling (We’re one week into a 3-week trip through Italy) and I haven’t posted for a while, so I thought I’d give you a quick update and throw in a message about “success” as well…

Body-Centered Leadership: Rewriting Your Story, Transcending Culture

Body-Centered Leadership is a new program that I’ll be launching in early 2014. The principles, which stem from my experience working with thousands of people from around the world for the past 20 years (combined with many of the brilliant

How to Integrate Medical and Alternative Approaches

  This post contains an interview that I did last year with Dr. Bruce Eisendorf M.D., a multidimensional Santa Cruz physician with a solid understanding of both medical and alternative approaches for creating and sustaining well-being and increasing longevity.

The Art of Mastery & Science of Transformation

Click video to watch! Whether you want to end chronic pain, improve a stressed-out relationship, build a new business or ramp up your creativity and passion, there’s a predictable path to struggle and disappointment and there’s a predictable path to transforming

Your Heart Might Just Be Bigger Than You Know…

Happy Valentine’s Day! What better time to share some extraordinary details about your heart: 1.  Your head and your heart are connected.

Are You More “Internal” or “External”?

Note:  The photograph above is of a hologram. Are you more “internal” or “external”? I’ve been asking my practice members this question a lot lately. The idea comes from Dr. Donny Epstein’s observation that people have a tendency to process

Body-Centered Leadership and Network Spinal Analysis

Even with a meaningful vision, a focused mission, or clear purpose, it can still be extremely challenging to juggle the demands of our high-speed, high-information 21st Century world and at the same time sustain a mentally, emotionally and spiritually integrated