Are you on a Path of Purpose? 2 Quick Tricks to Tell…


At the Well Being Center we recognize that the process of health and healing is a lifelong journey of discovery, an adventure that takes you ever-deeper into moments of transformation and enlightened awakening; through your spine, past the mind, and into your soul.

But how do you know if you are headed towards health and healing?  How can you tell if you are connected?  How do you recognize your soul?

And even further: how can you check in to see, to ensure, that your unique soul’s gifts are expressing in a life of emblazoned, emboldened, impassioned purpose?

1. Ease

You know that healing is not always comfortable. In fact, you probably have an intimate experience of the deep pain that can hale the beginning of intense health. So when I say that “ease” can be a wonderful indicator of living your life on purpose, I am by no means saying that a soul’s-purpose life is easy.

Bringing the beauty of your soul into your life can require a lot of re-organization. It can demand intense change. It can be hard. But underlying the difficulty is a sense of peace. Of inspired passion. Of inevitable awesomeness.

Its about the flow.

Its about the synchronicity.

Its about divine timing.

When you are walking a path of purpose, guided by the unique inspiration of your soul, things seem to just, well, work out. This isn’t to say that no work is necessary, but rather that the work, the energy, the effort invested is returned to you… in spades… by the Universe at large.

Things come together, in more fantastic ways then you ever thought possible.

You meet the right people at exactly the right times.

You find yourself in the appropriate place with the most amazing opportunities.

Gone are the days of survival-based swimming… paddling vigorously upstream, making things work, but making little to no headway.

A life lived from the soul is one that makes you pause at the proverbial closed door you have been laboriously beating on for years. An on purpose life leads you to turn around and, low and behold, find a red carpet laid out beneath your feet.

The job offer materializes.

The love manifests.

The dream becomes a reality.

And all with the ease of floating on the Universal river of life. Even Deepak Chopra reflects on this idea: his #1 piece of advice for the American public? Take it easy.

How is that for a quick trick?


2. De Ja Vu

I once, at three, was led to a beautiful new creek by my wise and wild great-grandmother. After arriving on its banks I proclaimed, a bit bewildered, “Wait! I know this place! Its not new!”

My smiling great grandmother told me that it was, in fact, new to me but not new to my soul. She began to instill in me an undying faith in the knowing of my spirit: a secret confidante with unparalleled access to wisdom and knowing, that had a big-vista outlook.

She said these moments of clarity, or de-ja-vu were soft, subtle reminders from our souls that we were exactly where we needed to be, in the exact moment we needed to be there.

I like the idea.

When was the last time you had a de ja vu? Felt connected to your soul? Went with the flow? Felt full of ease?

I hope you answer those questions with things like, “just yesterday!” or “this morning, actually!”… but in case you don’t, can’t, or haven’t felt on purpose for a while, we have two upcoming events, happening this month at the Well Being Center!

I recommend checking out our Pain-to-Progress class this coming Tuesday, September 10th, at 6:30pm, or, if you are hoping to delve deeper into who you are and why you tick, I further recommend our Energetic Intelligences and Internal/External class, on September 21st from 10:30-12:00.

Contact us to find out more.

Both of them will light you up, and fuel you for your purpose-full life!

Much love,

Dr. Nicole


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