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Meet Dr. John Amaral


Dr. John Amaral D.C. describes himself as an “edge-junkie.”

John’s passion for cutting-edge ideas and technologies that help people open to what’s possible, grow and evolve has led him to work with some of the top personal and business growth and change experts in the world.

John has traveled around the world, serving as a personal practitioner for many well-known leaders including Anthony Robbins, business guru Jay Abraham and NLP innovator Robert Dilts.  He’’s been a guest-presenter at Singularity University and provided care for members of the board of directors of the XPrize organization.

Originally trained as a chiropractor, John was a member of the international teaching staff for Network Spinal Analysis, an innovative body-mind approach developed by Dr. Donald Epstein, since 2004.

John is founder of the Body-Centered Leadership Academy and co-creator of the Generative-Body, Generative-World program with Robert Dilts.  He has worked with thousands of clients from over 50 countries worldwide, and is a featured voice on, an online community founded by Deepak Chopra’’s daughter Mallika Chopra.

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