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Meet Dr. Christina Amaral

Dr. Christina’s profound ability to see the divine truth of who you are and bring compassion, love and light to the places most hidden from our own selves is extraordinary.

Her playfulness, presence and deep connection to All provides wisdom and freedom to be exactly who you need to be, and to trust the magic unfolding around and within you.  The trust she fosters in yourself helps create the freedom we all crave – to live a life of joy, purpose and passion.

Christina’s no-nonsense yet compassionate style guides you to listen to the messages of your soul through your body.  She helps you tap into your body’s own limitless energy resources to step-up and listen to those messages, and live a more fulfilling, impactful and joyful life.

Since 1990 Dr. Christina has studied and trained with masters in chiropractic, energetic healing and a variety of ancient modalities.  Her touch and communication conveys a deep wisdom and exceptional skill level.

She has worked extensively with Dr. Donny Epstein, the developer of NSA and SRI, since 1993 and has been on his international teaching staff since 2005.




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