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Welcome to the Well Being Center!

The Well Being Center was founded in 1998. In the Fall of 2017 Dr. Omri Sitton D.C. became the new owner and primary care-provider at the WBC!

Over the past two decades we’ve worked with thousands of people from all over the world, with one mission:

To inspire our clients to awaken their highest potentials by improving their physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being to a level that allows them to create the best possible life for themselves, and then use their life in service to others.

We offer holistic, low-force, NSA chiropractic services along with exercises, classes and workshops to help you end pain and transform your life.

Unsatisfied with most of the conventional models of health care, we’re continually seeking out and striving to bring you what we consider the most groundbreaking methods for creating extraordinary health and well being.

All brilliant ideas and cutting-edge innovations take time to reach the mainstream, and we like to think of ourselves as being pretty far ahead of the curve when it comes to creating true well being.

It takes a visionary on The Fringe to catch the attention of forward thinkers on The Edge, who then usher the ideas into the Realm of The Cool, where early-adopters turn them into the Next Big Thing.

It’s the process by which all brilliant ideas and technologies eventually become
Social Convention

We’re here to help you benefit from Fringe ideas and approaches (we call them Technologies of Transformation) for creating and sustaining well being, long before they reach Next Big Thing status.

Since we live on The Edge here, most of the things we do defy Social Convention, and we’re proud of that!

Our goal is to help you raise your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being to a level that exceeds anything you’ve experienced before.

People who receive our care and participate in our programs:

  • Experience less physical pain
  • Are more tuned in to what their bodies want and need
  • Take less medication, eat better, exercise more, and engage in more spiritual practices
  • Are more engaged, present and connected in their relationships
  • Feel more energized, inspired and alive
  • Are more open, passionate and optimistic about their lives
  • Are able to navigate stressful and challenging circumstances more easily
  • Are less anxious, irritable and depressed
  • Feel more ‘real’, authentic and purposeful in their lives
  • Are more inspired to contribute their unique talents to help others

By guiding you to Discover the deeper meaning within your symptoms, inspiring you to Transform your behavior and be more authentic, and encouraging you to Awaken to your deeper passion and purpose in life, we’re striving to make this world a better place for you and everyone you touch.

Our commitment to you is to bring you the very best of what we’re living and learning, so that you can create extraordinary well being.

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What’s so groundbreaking about what we do? Explore the science behind our approach.


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