8 Signs That You Are Avoiding Transformation

The following are eight signs that you’re in reaction. You are moving away from a feeling or experience rather than moving toward wholeness and transformation in that moment.

1. You’re suffering.

Your motivation is to get away from the pain or discomfort – whether it is physical or emotional – not because you’ve transformed and you’ve raised your standard, but because you are in reaction and you want to escape!

2. You want the symptom gone.

You want the symptom gone without you having to change anything about YOU.

3. You want someone to do it for you.

You want someone to do it for you, or some magic solution to take you out of your experience.

4. You use words like “always” and “never” to keep yourself locked up.

Always and never are a recipe for suffering: “This always happens to me. I never get what I want. It never works out for me. I’m always left behind. I’ll never have enough money. I’ll never have the relationship I want. I’m always screwing up.”

5. You find that you keep having “problems!”

When you are transforming there are challenges and opportunities. When you are awakening there are lessons and gifts. But problems… are the experience that something is stopping you while you’re running away.

6. You take things very personally.

Somebody makes a little comment and suddenly it becomes all pervasive… so much bigger than it really is, and you feel victimized.

7. You feel like you have to let go of something.

There’s nothing to let go of when you’re transforming! You’re focused on grabbing the next trapeze bar, not letting go of the one you’re holding. If you feel you need to let go of something, you’re never going to get rid of it. The way “out” is through Awareness, Acknowledgement and Acceptance of where you currently are (Dr. Donny Epstein’s Formula for Somatic Awareness).

8. You desire (whether consciously or subconsciously) constancy over growth and change.

Your choices are out of safety and constancy – survival – the lowest level of human development.

The more congruent you become with who you really are and why you are really here, the more you can transform yourself and the culture around you. When you find yourself running away from your real purpose, stop and connect to YOU.

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